Enjoy The Beauty Of Flowers At Flower Dome Singapore

The flower dome Singapore is one of the tourist attractions that presents various types of flowers that originate in various countries and are united in this area. Flower dome Singapore is also one of the attractions of the garden by the bay which is very wide and complete with various types of artificial nature tourism. With a wide glass roof will make the flower dome Singapore will always get sunlight as long as the day. As we know that plants need sunlight to help photosynthesis to produce food for plants and other results in the form of oxygen.

The location of this Singapore dome flower location is at gardens by the bay. 18 marina gardens dr. Singapore 018953, also close to the nearest mrt. The blue line (downtown line) or yellow (circle line). Singapore’s flower dome tourist rides are open every day between 9 am and 8:30 a.m. To be able to enter this area need a ticket with prices for adults around 28 sgd and for children 15 sgd.

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Flower dome Singapore is the largest flower garden in all of Singapore, with an area of approximately 1.2 hectares. Flower dome Singapore in it there are no more than 30,010 types of flowers originating from various countries and more than 150 species of flower plants taken from various countries to be planted in the flower dome Singapore.

The air condition and weather will be in sharp contrast to the cloud forest tourist vehicle where the air is cold and lots of water, in flower dome Singapore the air condition will feel warm and dry but the air condition inside the flower dome Singapore tourist location is always cool all day. When compared to the flower dome Singapore tourist area this will be the same as the mediterranean garden which is very charming and beautiful.

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Some examples of flowers that are in the flower dome Singapore include those from the asian region, namely sunflower, chrysanthemum, dahlia, and many others. During the chinese new year celebration, there will be various chinese ornaments installed, including red lanterns hanging from plants. As well as a variety of plants in the form of 12 zodiacs with red, yellow, and purple dominating which have bright colors and emit spirit.

Not only flowers originating from asia, but also there are tulips which according to the story can only grow well in dutch soil, the proof in the flower dome of Singapore is able to grow and develop well. Besides that tulip plants are also shaped and arranged in such a way that they are inspired by the famous dutch painter vincent van gogh. On the is flower dome Singapore is able to present more than 100 varieties of tulip flowers from the netherlands that grow optimally here.

Do not forget the flowers that must be in the flower dome Singapore tourist area is an orchid flower that has more than 400 varieties in the world. Besides that, this orchid flower is the national symbol of Singapore. With a variety of attractive and bright colors will make the tourists fascinated by the beauty of this orchid flower.

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