Children’s Educational Vacation Admiralty Park Singapore

Admiralty park singapore is one of the parks in singapore that has an area of ​​about 27 hectares with part of the land being grazed and land that is flat and hilly. The location of this park is in the north of singapore with a closed area, and there are also rivers that flow across the park.

In addition to nature tours, this park area also provides a children’s play area which is divided into 3 regions. Junior play is an area that is intended to play children with various games to hone children’s motor skills. Adventure play is an area intended for adults who are happy with outdor games. And the last family terracing play for family gathering after playing in this park area.

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Admiralty park singapore is located at 31 riverside road, singapore 739087, singapore with the most visiting time in the morning around 8am to 12am, and in the afternoon from 3pm to 7pm. For lighting hours from 7pm to 7am. After these hours no lights in the forested area after dark. How to get there just 15 mins’ walk from woodlands mrt station; by bus from woodlands bus interchange.

A garden with many shady trees makes this place very suitable to be a place for family vacations. In addition, many visitors do sports activities such as walking and jogging in the morning and evening. For those of you fans of photography, there are interesting spots that you can make as object photos while visiting this park, many small animals are the object of the photos and the activities of visitors who can be interesting photo objects.

Admiralty park singapore provides a comfortable and safe place for children under 12 years old. This park is one of the places to play children spend their time with swings, slides, etc. Besides that there is also a location spot for adults by climbing to the small tropical marshland up the hill to see the natural scenery.

Even though singapore has a large area, the government and the whole community can build many locations for children’s playgrounds, recreation areas, family tourism locations, and others. For children very happy every time they come here. Admiralty park singapore has many long slides and different designs for each child’s needs based on age. Parking location is limited, so visitors are advised not to come during rush hour.

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